Recordings: The Tender Land

Aaron Copland: THE TENDER LAND
University of Kentucky Opera Theatre
$15.00 (2 CD set) + $2.50 s&h

Disc One

  1. Prelude, Act 1
  2. Ma Moss: Two little bits of metal
  3. Beth: The package from Chicago
  4. Beth: Did you ever have a dress
  5. Laurie: Laurie’s Song
  6. Laurie: Remember the boy
  7. Top: Do you suppose they’re makin’ food
  8. Martin: We’ve been north
  9. Grandpa Moss: Halloo halloo
  10. Grandpa Moss: I need a couple of men
  11. The Promise of Living

Disc Two

  1. Act 2, Scene 1
  2. Grandpa Moss: Try makin’ peace
  3. Laurie: Thank you. Thank you all
  4. Ma: We’ve been at this table long enough
  5. All: Stomp your foot upon the floor
  6. Martin: O there you are, Missus Moss
  7. Martin: The world seems still tonight
  8. Martin: Laurie…you know
  9. Laurie: In love? in love?
  10. Grandpa Moss: Hey! Bums!
  11. Mr. Splinters: I hurried right back
  12. Guests: Goodnight, goodnight
  13. Introduction, Act 3
  14. Martin: Laurie, Laurie
  15. Martin: Daybreak will come
  16. Martin: Laurie, I love you, I love you
  17. Top: That’s crazy!
  18. Laurie: The sun is coming up
  19. Laurie: Martin, it’s daybreak
  20. Laurie: No, I must leave now!
  21. Laurie: Perhaps I did love!
  22. Ma: All thinking’s done